LED Level Set Frequently Asked Questions


Does the LED Level Set device work with all LED fixtures?

As long as the LED fixture has a 0-10V input in its driver then you are good to go with LED Level Set.


How do I know if my LED fixtures has a 0-10V input?

The specifications of the fixture will say but you can also look. Here is a picture of one of our test fixtures and you can look for something similar.

 Fixture Driver


Do I need one LED Level Set device for each fixture or only one per circuit?

One per fixture. If you have more than one fixture controlled by a single switch you want to install one LED Level Set on each fixture.


Can I choose a specific level like 55%

No. LED Level Set gives you four levels to choose from and those are the only options.


What's the LED Level Set device default to when installed and not configured?

We are glad you asked that question! The default level is about 50% and we expect that for many light fixtures installed in most spaces that you may not even notice that the fixture is at 50%. You still have plenty of light. If this works for you then you get reduced power costs, longer life span, and zero time to configure. Just hook up the two wires of the LED Level Set device to the fixture and you are done.


Are you sure this will work with my fixture?

Pretty sure. No one could test with all fixtures with all drivers - and we have seen the same model fixture with different drivers so no test list could ever be complete. Because of this we provide a low price sample package so you can try for yourself. If you have any questions just contact us and we can help.


All I need is a simple on-off wall switch to configure Level Set, correct?

Yes, that's all! Not any special kind of switch. Want to know more? Here are the install instructions. If you have a large area where there is no switch - just a breaker - you can still use LED Level Set it will just take a bit more work. You will probably need a helper plus a way to communicate between the one who watches the lights and the one who flips the breaker.


What if I want a different level at different times. In short, I need a dimmer switch.

Then Level Set isn't for you. There are other options like Relay Dimming from Powerline Control Systems, or the installation of a low voltage switch but that would require running new low voltage wires. Noting is simpler than LED Level Set if you are looking for the same level each time.


Can LED Level Set save on my electrical bill?

Yes! Have the fixture on at less than 100% power and there are energy savings. A 50% level uses about 50% less energy.


Can this save on my maintenance costs?

Yes! While we are told that LED's last forever, there are a lot of other parts in the LED fixture, in particular the driver. Any electrical circuit running at less than its maximum puts less stress on the components and so prolong its lifespan.


I'm doing a big retrofit and will need lots of these. Are there discounts for installers?

The LED Level Set device is offered in bulk packages that have an excellent discount built in to the bulk package price.


Any guarantee if it doesn't work for me?

This is why we have the low price sample package. Its an excellent way to try before you purchase enough for your job. That way you know for sure if this product is for you.


How does LED Level Set do what it does? Does it use wireless, Wi-Fi, or some sort of power line communication?

The LED Level Set device uses NO Wi-Fi, NO wireless, NO Bluetooth, NO messages sent over the power line, and NO similar communication method.

The patented method works by the LED Level Set Device only seeing when it is powered on and off. The complexity of the implementation is handling the characteristics of the many different fixture 0-10V inputs - there is no standard for this.

By not using any communication protocol, there is no addressing or matching fixture to receiver or anything like that. And that also means it is 100% secure and 100% immune from power line noise.